How Much Does It Cost To Recover Data From A Solid State Drive (SSD)?

When the solid state drives (SSDs) were first introduced, they were regarded highly because of their speed and reliability. The flash storage technology made it possible to remove all the mechanical components of traditional hard disk drives. It is widely believed that failure of SSDs is very rare because they don’t contain moving parts. However, the reality proved to be different. Even though the SSDs don’t contain mechanical parts, they are prone to failure just like regular hard drives. The electrical components can fail at any time and circuit boards may go kaput.
SSD data recovery is difficult

The flash storage technology commonly used in SSDs is a new concept. Due to the huge competition among SSD manufacturers, the actual storage and retrieval technology used in the SSDs are guarded by the manufacturers. This means that there are no common tools that can work with SSDs made by different manufacturers. Moreover, professionals with the ability to recover data from SSDs are few in number mainly because of the inherent difficulty. Depending on the type of manufacturer, the recovery professionals must use appropriate tools and software to recover data.
SSD data recovery is time consuming
The SSDs wipe the data on the drive much more vigorously than traditional hard drives. This means that it can take a lot of time for technicians to recover deleted and lost files. This is especially true when the drive is activated in TRIM mode. The new TRIM mode is introduced in SSDs to fetch data more easily. However, it also means that TRIM mode will effectively wipe off data when you delete files, accidentally or otherwise. The situation is even trickier in case of encrypted SSDs. Businesses that need to protect data rely on encrypted storage and SSDs make it relatively easy to use with encryption software. When SSDs are damaged, the technicians must first attempt to unlock the drive by knowing the encryption keys.
The cost of Solid state drive data recovery directly depends on how long it takes to recover the data. The recovery professionals must communicate with the manufacturers to obtain specific tools from the manufacturers to proceed with the recovery. When it takes longer to access the data, recovery takes a lot of time. This will also increase the cost of recovery. If the files are accidentally deleted, the recovery professionals can retrieve the files rather quickly. However, if the device is physically damaged, recovery can become an expensive ordeal.
On a general note, recovering data from SSDs is not cheap and it should not be attempted if the data is not worth it. If the drive contains confidential and important business data, then you should definitely pay for the recovery service. On the other hand, if the files are not very important, it is best to recover from backup instead of spending a great deal of money. When you in fact decide that SSD data recovery is important, you have to ensure that you only let qualified technicians to work on it.

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You can find legitimate data recovery companies capable of recovering data from SSDs. It is best to ask for a price quote for solid state drive data recovery so that you will know how much you have to pay even before actual repair is done.

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