What to do When You’re Locked Out

When you get locked out of your home or car, your first instinct can be sheer, blind panic. How are you going to get back in? What are you going to do? At the very least, you know that you are probably going to waste an hour or more of your life trying to solve this situation. You may be left feeling rather silly, realizing that you have made a very big mistake. But above all, you want to make it right.

The first thing most people try to do is to resolve the situation themselves. This is absolutely something that we recommend, though not in the way that most people go about it. Unfortunately, the instinctive reaction is not always the best one. It is known for people to try and mess around with their locks, attempting to pick them or even break them in order to gain access. People who are locked out of their cars often use a wire hanger to try and get in through the window again. You might even consider breaking the glass in a window or door in order to get back inside your property or car.

All of these solutions have one thing in common: they are really not the best course of action. Fiddling with a lock can cause more damage than you expect, and may simply give you hours of messing around with no resolution. Opening a window with a hanger can leave plenty of scratches and damage to the surface of the paint work around the window. Smashing a window, of course, will incur plenty of expenses later on.

So what is the best course of action? First of all, see if there is a way that you can sort things out yourself — safely and responsibly. Double check for your keys. Do you know exactly where they are, or have you lost them? If they are lost, try retracing your steps or searching around for them. If there is someone else who has a set of keys to your home or vehicle, give them a call and see if they can help out. Even if you have to wait around for an hour or so while they drive to your location, this will be better than doing any damage.

Once you have ascertained that there is nothing you can do, the next course of action should be to call in the professionals. A locksmith is a very useful contact to have, and you may wish to save a reliable one in your phone just in case anything ever happens that means that you require one. When you call out a locksmith to help you get back into your home or vehicle, they will do so in the most safe and responsible way, allowing you to prevent as much damage as possible. This will also keep your costs down, and depending on the situation, may even end with you having a spare set of keys for your trouble. www.omegalocksmith.com