Helping you explain what front-end developers are and what they do

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I’ve been a front-end developer for over two years. At times, I’ve found myself in situations where I had to explain what I do to people who know nothing about programming.

So, now, I’m giving it my best to clarify how lines of code typed on my keyboard are transformed into something you can see, click on, and even use in your day-to-day life.

Starting With the Basics: Programming

We all speak a language. We use it for a lot of things but, generally, we use it for communication. The same works with computers.

We want to make them do something for us, we communicate with them. Unfortunately, computers don’t speak English yet. However, they do use something called machine code. …

Keeping work-life balance as a programmer

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photo by: @elizabethseaside_photography (Instagram)

Hello, Everyone!

My profession requires me to develop myself, boost my skills, and improve my knowledge every day.

But honestly, this article is not only about my profession, but also about time management, consumption of information, and becoming a better version of yourself.

So here is a list of productivity tips or habits that help me be more productive both personally and at work.

Keep Balance

There should always be a middle ground in your productivity, as everywhere. It’s important to keep your eagerness to learn but still prevent yourself from burning out.

To do so, remember to have rest and balance between your work and life. …



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