Passion would flare and foes would be made

Thoughts and feelings like music will fade

These are some of the things they said to me

When I told ‘em we were meant to be

But true love could turn coal into gold

The implication and not just the beauty to behold

The chills and thrills that run through my veins

Only reminds me that the love I have for you remains

Within you ive found a great man

And everyday with you is so much fun

You light up my orbit with every smile on your face

Leaving my heart and mind winding up in gaze

Too many things we’ve got in common tells me we are two sides of the same coin

Baby even heaven knows that when you’re hurt or troubled, I feel it in my groin

Tell you what, no matter what storms the weather,

Im sure gonna fight like Mayweather

Forever and a day more is how long I wanna be with you

And I promise never to stop loving you.


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