Only one road lead you from abroad

“The judges were impressed with Coventry’s achievements across a range of activities and, in particular, by its novel approach to improving access”, said John Gill, editor of Times Higher Education, during Modern University of the year 2015 award collection. Latterly, Coventry University prevailed a huge number of contests across UK. News about these honours spread out also outside English boarders and CU seems to be really satisfied with this fact. According to official Coventry University blog, “Internationalisation is something Coventry University is always looking to increase, whether it’s through our intake of international students, our business across the globe, or the opportunities we give students to travel and learn abroad”. Overseas policy persuaded a lot of students from foreign to leave their own countries and join this promising college. Many psychology examinations claim that going abroad as a juvenile is associated with stress, loneliness, and even desolation. Connection so many cultures in the only one place seems to be even tougher than domination inside Great Britain. Coventry set the bar really high and it is high time check how they deal with this task. In my opinion, the best commission, who can rate it are not the experts from the office desks but students, who has gone a long way to be a member of this University:

Darya, Kazakhstan

I think that a key of Coventry’s impressive international reputation is a rich social life of this place. In my view, it was one of the most decisive factors, which persuaded me to choose Coventry University as well. To tell you the truth, I do not regret my decision, not at all. The Hub is undeniably a melting pot of another cultures, but it seems that here you can share your diversity with the others without any obstacles.

Juan, Panama

I used to live in Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland and lastly in Uruguay, so my mentality over the years has become to adapt at all costs, not really thinking about the place where I am staying. However, I am really fond of integration between the university and another parts of the city. It goes without saying that the lack of the sun gets me a bit depressing after coming from South America, but it is not a fault of CU Staff, I guess.

Didi, Bulgaria

From the first impression, I rate the university really high, because I feel here as a part of big project. Each room is very modern and well-equipped, which raise a rank of facilities, but the biggest convenience of this place is a treatment of Coventry University crew, who is available 24/7 and does not neglect any issue. Unfortunately, I could not count on the same hospitality during my stay in Bulgaria. It is quite weird, because British people are said to be cold-hearted in my neck of the woods. What pleasurable surprise!

Param, India

When it comes to the choice of university, I wanted to omit huge cities like Birmingham, London and Coventry seemed to be a perfect option for me. Another reason, why I went for this college was the fact that there were quite few Indians here and therefore it would be quite easy for me to settle in. After Induction week I have no doubts that everyone can feel at home here, as the people are really welcoming and there is always that liveliness in the air, which a freshman would strive to be in.

The more cultures, the more opinions. Although each quoted speaker focused on another issue, every of them claimed that joining to Coventry University was right decision. It seems that CU deals with taking in so many overseas students, at last according to Stephen Covey, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”.

Maks Chudzik