The easiest ways for Azeris to become a globe-trotter

People love traveling. Travel frees you from the grind of daily routine. You will explore new places, meet new people, try new foods, and learn things about the world — and yourself — that you never imagined were possible. However, many potential Azeri tourists are staying at home not knowing where to start. We’ll try to show the easiest ways to become a globe-trotter.

Why tourism is important?

Every sixth person in the world is a tourist. The total contribution of tourism in world’s GDP is $ 7.2 trillion. Industry supports every 11th employment in the world directly or indirectly. Since the last 2 years tourism is affected by a number of global factors: strong fluctuations of world currencies, the decline in oil prices and the deterioration of security situation in many parts of the world. Despite this the industry not only to cope with the difficulties, but also continues to grow. Tourist traffic is temporarily switched from risky to safer areas. A weakening currency and drop in commodity prices made a number of countries, in particular Azerbaijan, more attractive for tourism.

Source: WTTC

On the other hand, the above-mentioned fact raises a number of questions in front of Azerbaijani citizens who love or eager to travel a lot. Then, we are ready to give some tips how Azeri tourist easily can become a globe-trotter.

Which countries receive the most tourists in the world?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the world’s most visited countries in 2015.

Source: World Tourism Barometer 2016 by UNWTO

As you can see, France holds leadership for the fifth year in a row with 84.5 million international tourists visiting the country in 2015. France hosts a variety of places of tourist interest like cities of cultural interest such as Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, the Alpine mountains, ski resorts, beaches, picturesque French villages, spectacular gardens and parks, and more. The country is home to 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are well recognized globally for their outstanding universal value. In France, 9.7% of the GDP is contributed by the travel and tourism sector. 30% of the revenue generated by tourism is obtained from foreign tourists, while the remaining 70% is derived from domestic tourism.

Another 9 countries are USA, Spain, China, Italy, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico (that knocked-out Thailand from top-10) and Russia. And all this countries are in favorite list of Azeri tourists (replacing Mexico with Dubai).

Where to start?

The most complicated and important thing about starting to travel around the world is visa issue. So, before packing bags you should check if you need special permission to cross the border.

We divided all the countries into 3 different groups: 1) the ones that does not require visa at all, 2) the ones that give you visa upon arrival, and 3) the ones that require visa from Azeri citizens.

Source: Ministry of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan

Here you can see full details of the map.

What are the world’s friendliest and unfriendliest cities?

Ok, now you know if you need visa to start your journey. But before booking aviatickets and hotel choose the destination you want to explore. And if you don’t have any special “to-visit-list” it would be interesting to see top of world’s friendliest and unfriendliest cities.
Travel + Leisure journal every year askes readers to rank 266 cities on everything from their access to art and culture to the friendliness of their people: and some cities failed to warm tourists’ hearts. And here are results of 2015:

How to save money while traveling?

Believe it or not but world travel can be cheap and easy. The idea that travel is expensive and difficult is wrong. And here are some tips we would give to make your trip cheaper.

● Don’t have a business with travel agencies. Do everything yourself. It’ll take some time but your pocket will feel the difference.
● Keeps your needs to a minimum. People need fresh air, healthy food, clean water, exercise, creative stimulation, companionship, self-esteem, and a safe place to sleep. All of these things are simple to obtain. 
● Use online services to find cheap flight tickets, places to stay and to go to. They are very useful as based on other people’s thoughts.

The cheapest cities in Europe & Asia

If you do not have enough money to start your “around the world” travel these are the cheapest cities in Europe and Asia (two most popular destinations for Azerbaijanis) in 2017.


And what experienced travellers advice?

In the end we’d like to introduce to you three experienced globe-trotters from Azerbaijan. All of them has visited 15+ countries and we are sure their advice will be useful for beginners.

Our heroes are Javid Mammadov who visited 32 countries, Javid Badalbeyli who visited 26 countries and Darya Uvarova who visited 17 countries.


Have a good trip!

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