Top 185 Startups of 1300+ that we met at Web Summit 2018

Maksym Petruk
3 min readNov 28, 2018

Hello Tech World!

If you are reading this article, probably you already know what an incredible IT event was this November.

WebSummit is one of the biggest IT events and a great place to demonstrate own products and services.

WeSoftYou was lucky to attend WebSummit and, as a result, to meet plenty of impressive startups. We love startups and to participate in their growth. But more than that we like to help startups to find each other for the maximum benefit.

That’s why we decided to show you our list of Top 185 useful startups at WebSummit 2018, that may be beneficial for each other. Here you may find cool ideas, starting from Tinder for Education to apps for dinner mates during business trips. Every startup needs Marketing and CRM, Organizers for Productivity and FinTech apps for monetization. And for sure, most of the startup founders also love traveling and food. Hope that our list will help to connect such various startups for achieving new goals.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to communicate with all startups at the event, hope to catch it up next year :)

We divided startups in main industries, here they are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. Cloud
  4. CRM
  5. Development & QA
  6. E-Commerce
  7. E-Learning
  8. FinTech
  9. FoodTech
  10. Healthcare
  11. HR Technologies
  12. Marketing Technologies
  13. Marketplace
  14. Music
  15. Organizers
  16. Security
  17. Social
  18. Sport
  19. Travel
  20. Other

Let’s begin!

Artificial Intelligence




Development & QA






HR Technologies

Marketing Technologies









Hope that Web Summit was really useful for these startups and helped them to achieve their goals. Thank you for sharing such cool ideas with attendees!

There were 70,000 (!) people and unknown (but impressive) number of startups at the event this year.

Unfortunately, it was physically impossible to talk with all of them within only 96 hours. But if you want to know how to meet a maximum number of people during WebSummit, read our post-event article WebSummit 2018. 96 hours to meet 70000 people.

See you at Web Summit 2019 :)

P.S. If we added your startup to a wrong category or you have any questions, please contact us