Feeling Lost In A Makeup Store? Here’s What You Need To Do

Stepping into a make up store might seem weird for a lot of people, mainly because they are not aware of what to buy in there. There are several people who want to look stunning, but are unable to differentiate between eyeliner and a kohl pencil. For such people, taking someone who knows about all these things would be the best choice, because novices to the world of makeup would need all the help that they can get.

When you walk into such a store, there are some basics that you will have to know — for starters, there is makeup for different parts of the face and then there are some makeup products, which are meant for the rest of the body. If you are looking at makeup products for the face, you would have darkening pencils for the eyebrows, eyeliner for the upper eyelids, kohl pencils for the lower eyelids and mascara for the eyelashes. You would use products such as concealers and blushers for the cheeks and forehead, and the lipsticks or lip glosses would be used on the lips.

Go to any good makeup store and you will see rows and rows of nail colors and these can be used for fingers as well as toes. For most novices, a nail paint is just that; but people in the know would tell you that even a good nail polish first needs a base coat, then a color and then finally a clear coat to keep the color protected for a longer time. Then there are also a range of body shimmers, which are quite popular with people going for weddings or special parties.

Perhaps one of the best ideas for those who are still to the world of makeup would be to pick up some cheap cosmetics online and try out on their own face or someone who is willing to volunteer their face and body. Once they are confident with what makeup goes where and how to apply it correctly, it would be time to invest in some good quality makeup, because ultimately all this is going on some of the most sensitive parts of the body. Ideally, you should start with the basics, which would include a good eyeliner, mascara, kohl, a basic palette for the face and some lip colors and glosses. You could also purchase some nail colors and this should suffice for someone who is just learning how to apply makeup.