One for the road… A short story about the traveling Bear population.

Almost 3,000 miles later, and this bear is ready to roam yet again. I started ever growing journey with the main focus to connect the world back to connection. One might say that is a huge feat in and of it’s self. One might also ask why? I live my life asking why not? And for connection, well I have gone to some great lengths to prove I am on a mission.

Set in my ways of being. And an extreme lust for simply living to the fullest. I have now found myself less than forty eight hours away from departure. This state, as well as all that i have traveled through, or briefly stayed in. Have not only allowed me my own growth within. But has taught me a lot about life. The people I have not only met along the path. But had the awesome honor of connecting with. Has been far beyond what i can truly explain in words. California has been very outgoing, all the while very stand offish if you will. As with most states. For example, the state you are born, or raised in. You have great pride in, and you take great ownership of it. Even more so when it comes to sports teams. Don’t get me wrong, i cast no judgment in this. I as well have, and in some small cases, still do the same thing. But it is truly amazing as to how different the states are. And how far we are willing to go to prove how pathetic, or stupid people are from other states.

That alone should say how bad people as a whole, as in the whole of humanity needs to travel. To actually be ‘part’ of the world. Rather than knowing we are all on earth.

connections are not bound to lines on a map, or words in a book.

In just my short while being on the road. Or as my brother so lovingly says,”being a rubber tramp”. Not only have I met some awesome people, I have also inspired some to do the same. Become a (rubber tramp). To be totally honest, I tried to paint a harsher image to them. Rather than the one that is seldom posted about. Granted yes, you can easily find horror story’s of this way of life. Just as with any. My focus was not to shy them away from living an awesome life, above and beyond the confines of what this world say’s we “have” to live. But my intent was to be as honest as i could about the in depth nature of the whole thing.

And to my surprise, that alone is what sealed the deal. The more i tried to be honest, the more we connected. The more we connected, the more they saw my passion for this life. And my ever growing passion in connecting all of humanity, back to humanity itself.

That is when i really started to yet another section of the so called “portrait”. As a human race, we all are looking for a more pure form of a deeper connection. Weather it be in relationships, or life. Some form of an “escape” from the “reality”, of the nine to five boxed in life. I am quickly learning, that in this search for pure connection. More and more are wanting to do just that. However, I look at it much different. To me, they are escaping the nightmare. To be free, even if only for but a moment. Then because of societal obligations, are left with no choice. But to return to the box. From whence they came. I will never judge, nor condemn that at all. I did just that for twenty eight years myself. And always found myself searching harder, and so much farther with every step. for something that i could never explain into words.

Then with a two year death recovery, I made my choice. So I now travel, outside what society say’s is acceptable. And to be even more blunt, what the law say’s is illegal. I do not live this way to be a rebel. Or an outlaw. Or to be more childish, because i’m being told i can not.

I live this way because it’s pure, raw, real, honest. Above all, it gives me the exact thing that i have craved deep within for most of my life. A raw unrated connection. To the earth, to the animal’s. And to all of humanity. The longer i travel, the more i see, i am gaining mostly great attention. With some issues of local law. But none the less, people are starting to see, that it’s not just something they heard about. It is now something, and a someone, in whom they can put a face to. And within that, they are seeing that it is not that hard to do the same thing. In just only a few short months, just by me sharing all of who i am and what i am doing. Three have been inspired to do just the same. And have asked me to join them on the first part of their travels. Not as a guide, not for help. Simple to enjoy the company, to be in the first few moments of their start of their new life. I must admit, that is a huge honor I am looking forward to greatly.

In closing, to yet another chapter in this awesome adventure i am glad to share with you. I say to Utah, here come’s the Bear. And i’m bringin lil sis in toe.