“Conservatives” have killed conservatism

Just a few years ago — back in the days of normalcy (or what seemed normal, looking back), I thought that I would always vote for the republican nominee. I thought they’d always be more aligned with my views — even if I didn’t agree with everything. But I never thought it would come to this. I never imagined that my party — that our country — would nominate such a vile human being. Conservatism has been hijacked.

Just yesterday, we heard Trump’s comments about women. They called it the October Surprise…but is it really a surprise? These kind of comments shouldn’t be surprising — it’s Donald Trump, after all. His supporters are vehemently defending those comments. These are the same people that call themselves Evangelicals, principled conservatives, moral, and pure. These are the same people that wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney because he’s Mormon, but will vote for Trump because…well, I can’t answer that. These are the same people that won’t support gay marriage because it’s “not moral”, but support Trump because…he is, or something. These are the same people that claim to want small government, but want to regulate everything the bible says is wrong.

These same people hijacked a party that they claim to hate. The GOP. While some on the far right and some of the far left want to wipe out the other party, it’s not in the best interest of the country. Neither party is 100% right. Both sides have legitimate arguments on many key issues. But we’ve become so polarized that it seems that this kind of thinking is normal now. This isn’t balance. This isn’t how a democracy works. Both sides have moved so far to the right and left that moderation isn’t tolerated — and that attitude has to change in order for something to change in this country.