This can’t be the New Normal

We have started judging people based on who they vote for — instead of who they are as a person — based on what we hear in political ads. Their vote doesn’t define them. Or at least it shouldn’t. There are good and bad people that voted for Trump — ditto Hillary. I remember when I was a kid and I asked my parents who they voted for, they told me it wasn’t any of my business — a vote was something sacred. You kept it to yourself.

Politics has divided us by race, gender, religion — etc. Those are the things we ask companies and other people not to judge on, yet we allow politicians to do it (and thank them for it).

Our lives have become consumed with politics. We are obsessed with our favorite politicians (it hurts me just to type that). We’ve lost the human connection. Technology can be blamed for much of it, yet politics has divided us by race, gender, religion — etc. Those are the things we ask companies and other people not to judge on, yet we allow politicians to do it (and thank them for it). Political strategists know it’ll get us all riled up, even if it’s a fantasy, and we fall for it and start yelling and screaming that the other side is killing the country.

One side is not always right — and meeting in the middle shouldn’t be considered a betrayal of a party. Saying you won’t meet in the middle is a betrayal of the country. What ever happened to country over party? Radicals aren’t the majority, but they make the most noise. Politicians cave into their demands — even though probably 90% of the time, they aren’t even the majority of their constituency (or even close).

Democrats: calling people awful names based on their vote alone is not going to help you win their votes. Letting republicans go nuclear just because you want to resist anything Trump does is not going to help you resist Trump — it’s going to help Trump and hurt you. Obstruction was un-American during President’s Obama’s tenure, but it’s patriotic now? It’s still un-American — and it’s hypocritical. You lost the white working class vote because you think white working class voters have it so easy — because they’re white. As someone who works in the career services industry, I know first hand they don’t. Companies don’t want to hire them because of the political pressure. Many white-supposedly-middle class Americans still struggle financially, too. They’re human and they struggle, just like everyone else.

Republicans: stop with the irrational fear of things. Protecting people with pre-existing conditions isn’t socialism. Vote out the people in the Freedom Caucus. The healthcare they propose is mathematically unsound — it would benefit only the healthy and the wealthy. To the very far right: your hate of anyone who doesn’t look like you is pathetic. It’s racist. You twist things around to make them sound like what you want to hear — instead of what the facts really are.

We will never get anything accomplished if this continues. We need balance. This country needs more moderates. Right now, we get frustrated that they’re doing the right thing for the country and primary them. It should be the opposite — we should elect more like them. We should elect people who are more responsive and less reactive — no matter what side they’re on. The majority of the country is moderate and we shouldn’t be pandering to radicals on both sides. Let us meet in the middle to come up with solutions that benefit Americans.

Beyond all the noise, there’s a simple truth: we generally want the same things — we just have a different way of getting there.