First of all, every single person in California is here because they or their relatives were…
Kate Vershov Downing

Since you cannot handle basic discourse without flinging accusations of rudeness, I’ll try to leave it basic. I really do thank you for creating so much buzz about your inability to afford one of the highest-priced cities in the nation.

The fact you assume that I am not Native American speaks volumes about your ignorance of people who have lived here for generations. Please use your high-end legal degree to some use other than being a corporate attorney for the valley and research the native inhabitants of the community you buy land in. Have you heard of the Mission? Do you know the origins of the word Soquel?

I certainly don’t think it’s anyone’s business to tell you to turn down your high-paying job hopping in from wherever you came from. The thing is, it’s not my city’s responsibility nor should it be Palo Alto’s to provide you the dwelling unit of your choosing.

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