Working For “The Man” Isn’t The Death Of Your Dreams
Jarod Dickson

I’m sitting in Thailand on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta and I actually agree with you.

I came here to get as far away from the corporate life as possible, but it actually gave me some perspective on what jobs can offer.

However, Not just any job…

I now understand that I have to be extremely stringent in whoever I choose to work with. These jobs will kill your creativity.

We are sponges and no matter how hard we try, we will still absorb the attitudes of our surroundings.

My solution…

Instead of escaping it all, I will come back and only work for my favorite company Roosterteeth.

I know they will not kill my creativity and can offer me all the benefits I want from a job.

Until I can guarantee a spot at this job, I will work 3 month internships to learn from multiple companies and build references.

3 month internships are gold to me because if I ever find myself in a toxic work environment, I won’t have to suffer for too long.

I’m heading back to the United States and taking full advantage of jobs, just not the way everyone else might be.