The Famous Local Brand

Does the title of this article sound weird to you?

I dream of a world where every local business has a small level of fame in their surrounding areas.

I’m talking lines out onto the street. Stacks of fan mail. College students begging to work for their neighborhood local business for free. People asking for autographs and pictures from local store owners.

Instead, we live in a world where store owners are relatively unknown in their communities. Local businesses are struggling to get by and market themselves. Working in local businesses means giving up on your dreams and living a mediocre life.

Although it may sound out of reach to many local businesses. We can make this change quite easily and quickly with two steps.

  1. Bring the passion.

Come on local businesses owners. Let’s tell our stories here. What makes you wake up every morning to keep the show running? We want to hear it, see it, and even live it.

2. Document it.

Every local business needs to be a media company. It’s just the most efficient way to get break into the marketplace. People want their local businesses to make a difference in their lives and the media we have available to us today should make it easy for them to do it.

Let’s not leave the crazy fans and the loyal followers to just the YouTube Influencers.

In the next years, I want to see these local business owners be the hero of their own movies and start the loyal fan base that will give their work meaning!