In a separate article, we discussed how the economics of Bitcoin has firmly laid some of the basic assumptions of classical economics to rest. And in that article we referred to the profound implications that arose from the success of the Steemit experiment — a mini-blogging website, similar in many ways to Medium but without professional curation, which pays both bloggers and their readers by means of the Steem cryptocurrency.

The key point to note about the Steem cryptocurrency¹ is that it is essentially created from thin air as a function of content that is created and consumed by users…

Simply because Americans make it much too easy for Putin.

Russian Dolls — Courtesy of StockVault

Since 2016, I think it’s fair to say that many Democrats have developed an unhealthy obsession with Russians. You can find a nice discussion of that specific subject here.

Before going any further, however, I will just point out that I am aware that we live in a world that doesn’t care for nuance. So I will also explicitly state that nothing I write here should be taken to mean that I’m happy about Russian interference in US elections. …

In July of 2018, a revolutionary new blockchain-based gambling technology was sent live. Three years in the making, Augur is the world’s first so-called decentralised betting platform.

The implications of this technology are profound and extend far beyond gambling itself. Before we go into that, it may be worth, at this stage, just positing a quick reminder of what we mean exactly when we say it is a “decentralised” technology.

Simply put, with Augur — just as with any other public blockchain of which Bitcoin is the most famous example — no-one is in control and no-one is in a…

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

We are now at the end of week one (of a total of five) in the UK 2019 General Election campaign. And whilst it is still early days, every indication is that, much like the campaign of 2017, it is Labour that is serving up all the initiative.

The Conservatives have been running their campaign much like they have the country for the last nine years — stumbling from the idiotic (a Jacob Rees-Moggs comment which betrayed a deep-seated itch to mock the 72 victims of the Grenfell Tower fire) to the outright sinister (the suppression by the Tories of…

Image courtesty of OnlineWebFonts

In Ireland, there are roughly five thousand people who were identified as deaf during the last census in April 2016. Of those, around four thousand are adults which, in turn, makes for somewhere between five and seven thousand Irish who have at least one deaf parent.

There is a name given to this specific demographic — CODA, or Children of Deaf Adults — and, as hearing people, they have insight into the nature of Irish Sign Language (ISL) that their own deaf parents do not. …

Blockchain technology has three specific properties that it brings to the table at one and the same time — immutability (of data), transparency (of processes) and anonymity (of users).

So given these properties, notably immutability, it is surprising that there is very little discussion out there on the impact that blockchain technology is likely to have over the longer term on freedom of speech.

Up until now, there have basically been two basic schools of thought on the subject. There is the Libertarian school which states that all expressed ideas should not be subjected to any kind of censorship; the…

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