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Well shared! I believe fear of public speaking must be irrational and thus a phobia. It’s an emotional thing and is akin to what soldiers must have felt going over the top in trench warfare!

I recall having to do a reading on a stage in front of the school at morning assembly! Mama mia!

But then I remember ushering at a huge memorial service after a mining disaster, attended by more than 30,000 people including government ministers and bishops and tv and all.

I was in the centre of the arena, not shy because I was focussed on assisting handicapped people be seated in the middle of the arena. Before the service started, in one of those unnatural calms, someone in the crowd yelled out my Swazi nickname and a great cheer went up! That was one of the finest moments of my life!

Focus and mental discipline should overcome qualms with a sprinkle of courage and deep breathing and knee braces….

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