Terms and Condition

This Agreement is made between GHONE Ghana Limited, Accra Acting per its Producer and authorized representative AFEAFA NFOJOH (hereinafter called “THE ORGANIZER”), of the other part and the applicant of this online form hereinafter referred to as the “DELEGATE” of the other part


  • The Organisers are organising A Reality TV Show hereinafter referred to as the MISS MALAIKA GHANA Reality Show herein referred to as the ‘pageant/show’.


· The Delegate will not speak to the press or any media person or media house concerning matters relating to the pageant without authorisation from the organiser.

· The delegate agrees that her voice and image will be used for commercial purposes.

· The delegate will not discuss matters pertaining to the pageant with persons other than the organizers. All matters discussed during the pageant shall remain confidential.

· The delegate shall not engage in any form of physical fight or verbal abuse between the delegate and other delegates, the organizer or any other person during the course of the pageant.

· The delegate shall not form any association with the likeness of a “click” or “gang” apart from the groups you balloted for under the supervision of the organizer.

· The delegate shall not create a personal social media page(facebook, Instagram, twitter etc).

· The delegate shall not go out at night without the authorization of the organizer while in camp

· Should the delegate decide to go out at night or engage in clubbing or late night partying or any such activity while out of camp, she shall notify the organizer.

· The delegate shall not have\ engage\ offer\ accept\ solicit sexual or romantic relationship with any male or female Organizer. Any such relationship will lead to immediate disqualification.

· Eviction is part of the show, once you have decided to be apart of the show, eviction must be accepted and taking in good faith.

· The delegate shall not invite or entertain male or female visitors during camp without permission.

· The delegate shall not smoke at anytime during the pageant.

· The delegate shall conduct herself throughout the contract period on the guideline provided by the Organisers

The Organizers

1) The Organizers shall help the DELEGATE by providing her with the necessary logistics to enable her bring out her best. ie Make up, clothes, accessories.

2) The Organisers shall in clear terms and before the commencement of the Show set down the rules and regulations governing the conduct of the Show.

Intellectual Property

1) GHONE has absolute right of ownership of the Programme, and your images.


1) The parties shall perform their obligations under this agreement in strict confidence and shall not disclose to any third party any information that comes to their knowledge in the cause of the series.


1) Any notice required to be served under this agreement shall be in writing and shall be sufficiently served on the Parties if sent by registered post to him or his address or by email.

Settlement of Dispute

1) The parties shall endeavour to settle any dispute and misunderstanding which may arise in connection with this agreement amicably.

2) Where an amicable settlement of any dispute from this agreement is impossible, the parties shall refer the dispute to an arbitrator and the decision of the arbitrator shall be final.

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