Why I Quit CrossFit
Jason Kessler

I totally agree with everything written here but disagree with the whole thing. When we do CF or just about anything as an adult, I think we have to (and we have the) ability to judge what we are getting into and how we want to do it, and most of all what we want out of it. If you started this thing when you are 10 or even 16 I’d understand this journey. Also it’s not just you, yesterday I saw a 35+ guy who’d been doing CF for many years almost trying to break his neck because someone told him to lead up more weight because he was “stronger”(ofc to motivate him).

The thing is we go to the box/gym and we try to be those professional athletes, those people who we come to see on TV, we dress we wear we use everything endorsed by Mr. Fronin and his people. For our coaches who (for most of the time has just got into to the business doing that two day thing CF HQ does, don’t know how to cater to individuals or they just don’t care to do so, or just can’t because of the time). But we are being adults, being able to read and think and understand, I think we should be able to understand us, our bodies, our goals and our limits.

Crossfit is great, awesome in fact but only if you have a brain and use it…

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