What Amazing Things Are You Talking About But Haven’t Done Yet?

This is inspired by a friend of mine…
I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and I finally got through the book a good friend gave me — The Alchemist. I’ve also been watching TED talks about creativity, innovation and new ideas. I’m swimming in an ocean of creativity littered with talks, blogs, movies and the likes trying to reach the shores of my inspiration. But if you’re anything like me inspiration doesn’t necessarily come via a talk from a thirteen year old girl that already has her line of clothing she sells across the world, all the while doodling on her animations, learning Javascript and sewing together her next creation. Don’t get me wrong, the shear fact that a thirteen year old is capable of contributing to the world in such a meaningful way is no where short of exceptional and should be praised — but it doesn’t inspire me. It simply reminds me that time is ticking and I still haven’t found my calling in this life, my ’Personal Legend’, as Coelho put it.
The journey to my ‘Personal Legend’ has been anything but boring and it’s still an ongoing adventure. Life has thrown many gifts and obstacles my way, everyone of them as useful as the next, good or bad. Their benefits have not been readily apparent (some things take the skill or art of life interpretation to understand ;) ). So how do I know that I even have a ‘Personal Legend’? I’ve seen it through the eyes of others when they gaze at me in amazement as if they caught a glimmer of a light from a shining treasure through my eyes. That’s how I sense it, and, for others, the hint that a ‘Personal Legend’ awaits them may come through visions, dreams, stories, people, moments or places. Others may never hear, see or sense anything remotely related to such a thing and they are no less accomplished or unhappy because of it.

I can’t tell you how to find your calling in life you see, as it’s different for each and everyone us living in this world. I can however share a few steps in what I believe has gotten me closer to my calling:

1) Listen to yourself — I mean literally. Passions and callings often choose to express themselves through words. If you can’t hear or define what your passion or calling is through your words then you may need to learn the art of ‘life interpretation’.

2) Learn the art of ‘life interpretation’! You’ll need it to see, hear and understand your calling more clearly. Do this through meditation. Try interpreting with your heart, your gut and your brain all at once. Meditation will help you align these three elements and used together they can be very powerful in helping you interpret many of the signs thrown at you by the universe.

3) Understand and acknowledge that fear plays a useful role in directing you in life. Don’t let it drive you away from the path of your calling, instead partner up with it, thank it for making you aware of the things you should consider but not necessarily act on. Legends invite fear as that is often what defines their greatness.

4) True compassion for others and yourself is to your journey what a catalyst is to a chemical reaction. It will reveal possibilities not yet seen by yourself and it will naturally compel others to contribute to your journey.

5) Be a student of life ( my extreme gratitude to Gabriel Wilson for this one!!! ). Truly dedicate yourself to someone else, abandon your preconceptions and past experience and live through the eyes, heart and spirit of someone else. This will tool you with the precious gift of living perspectives not yet accessible to you. This will truly transform the way you see the world!

6) Just do it. Put to action what it is you’re talking about. From baking muffins to climbing a mountain, life appreciates that we talk and share our passions but it much prefers that we offer them. Somethings you offer may be rejected and somethings may be welcomed… everything you offer will bring you closer to your calling. To abstain from doing and offering is like sabotaging your own journey. If you hesitate in any way refer to step 3.

From somewhere in Singapore…