How to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry System?

Canada Express Entry is an online system introduced by CIC to manage PR visa applications. To apply for a PR visa through Express Entry, here is a step-by-step process you must follow:

Check Eligibility- We conduct an Internal Evaluation Service and help you know your points along with how high are your chances for Canada PR visa.

Educational Credential Assessment- As per Canadian immigration norms, you need to get your education credential assessed to check whether they meet the Canadian standards. We help you in filing an application for the ECA.

Create Profile- Once you qualify as per evaluation & ECA, we help you to create a profile (Expression of Interest) with Canada Express Entry. This profile reflects all information about yourself, your interest in migrating to Canada & is mandatory.

Register with Job Bank- We create another profile with Job Bank- a source through which Canadian employers may offer you a job as per your skills and their requirement. Until June 6th, registration with Job Bank was mandatory and from there on has been left upon candidate’s free will.

Receive Invitation to Apply- Your application then lands into a Express Entry Pool of applications. You will be assessed by Immigration authorities against other applications in Express Entry (which have been received through similar manner). The applications with best CRS score of the time will be picked up and issued with an Invitation to Apply for PR visa.

Pay Visa Fee & PR Fee- Once you receive your ITA, we help you with all the formalities of fee payment, visa application submission, medicals & PCC submission, right to land fee payment etc.

Get Visa & fly to Canada- On approval of your visa application, you can have your visa & passport stamped. Alas, you are now an official permanent resident of Canada & all set to make Canada your permanent home.

Kansas Overseas Careers helps your dream come true. The immigration experts will make you understand Express Entry program and also the process involved in the PR.