Migrating To Canada — Find a place to Live!

Relocating to Big countries like Canada may be exciting but the problem arises when it comes to the stay right from the time you have landed. The immigrants experience the challenges in finding the accommodation in post immigration. Keeping this fact in consideration, Kansas Overseas Careers — Canada Visa consultants in Bangalore, provides you some information about how to find the comfortable accommodation after landing in Canada.

How to Find Accommodation in Canada:

Mostly, the immigrants prefer the temporary residence and then move to the Permanent Residence. The temporary accommodations include Hotels, Hostels, monthly rentals, etc. But most of the Rentals in Canada are subjected to 12 months lease period. Because of this reason, Canada has introduced new comer services to immigrants, which provides in assistance in their settlement and integration process that is completely free to access. Among these entire services one is assisting the immigrant in finding the accommodation in Canada. When you apply for this service, the following aspects are to be considered.

Desired Location in Canada


Distance and Time to your work place

Other expenses.

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