“A brilliant mind does not have a color or a gender.” — Taraji P. Henson

I saw Hidden Figures a week ago and can’t shake off the impact on me. This movie is a fitting celebration of Black History Month.

As I watched the film I was embarrassed and crushed to see how cruel we can be as humans…and inspired by the power of the human spirit in overcoming all odds.

The movie is set at a time when the then CCCP (USSR) had “conquered space” by sending the first man into space and America was still fumbling to get their space program “off the ground”. We as a nation were behind on the world stage…and you can only imagine what pressure that created. The pressure was high and world’s eyes were on America…and we were behind. Ouch!

The movie tells the story of three African American women mathematicians at NASA or “Colored Computers” (yes that is what there were called at that time!!!) who were instrumental in sending the first American (John Glen) into space. And it tells of John Glen who said he would take the flight only if Katherine P. Johnson (one of the human colored computers) confirmed the trajectory and not the IBM computer!

It celebrates the reality of oneness of the human spirit and boxes the apparent differences of color, title, gender as mere artifact.

Being surprised by how few people have seen this film i decided to write about it as like the hidden story of Katherine P. Johnson herself, the existence of the movie seems to be hidden from society at large.

If you are looking for a dose of faith in the human spirit — take the time to see it this weekend! This is a story of courage, fortitude and dedication to doing what’s right at all costs.


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