Function of “ View “ in Analytical report

Hi guys, Yesterday we discuss the things that they are present in the analytical report. So. you may ask a question all the things are important in an analytical report, but you give some importance to “ view “ only. Here the answer before that we must know the need of “ opinion “ section: These are the place where you can see the data collected from analytics.

Purpose of setup “ View “ section

This is the place where we can include, exclude or modify the reports in various views. We can amend the View section by using filters.

For, e.g., You are collecting reports an e-commerce site you want to know about the geographical location where the search rate is higher by using the filter you can filter the geographic location even for specified products. So that you can highly concentrate in particular area to increase the search rate. This also applies for device filter and much more, once you login into dashboard you will able to know all the properties in analytical report.

At the view level, you can also get the “ Goals “, Goals are nothing but the report about the subscription or tracking the conversion rate it depends upon the site you have to collect the report.

Important things in View section

There are some critical things also available in view section, if we are not handling in proper, or we don’t aware about that things then we going to face huge problems.

1. The view is collect the data when it’s created. In a property we can include the 25 views, the views include all the current data.
2. If you delete the view the administrator can recover the view with 35days or else the view will be deleted permanently.


These are some important features of view section. If you have any doubts and you want to make clear about the points. You can search in google for analytics report; there you can able to find numbers of reports to make your doubts.

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