Why we need Digital Analytics for our business growth

Hi, I am here with discussing new topic digital analytics and its role in our business. We are all the radical views about a thing in digital marketing, but we are not aware of their activities, long-term benefits and much more. Through our discussion, we can able to see the new view about the digital analytics.

According to Google Analytics, the marketing is considered as a shape of the funnel. They are divided into three stages.

1. Acquisition
2. Behavior
3. Conversion


It is used to represent the user interest. For, e.g., You can see the real time example in Flipkart. If you were searching for the t-shirts at below, they show the various collection of t-shirts under different kinds of brands.


It helps to represent the user engagement on our site. The period user engaged on the business site. If we provide proper information, we can engage the user in our site.


Now, it is the time when the regular user converts as the customer of your services and start doing the transaction or acquire your services.
Reasons for Digital Analytics.

While offline transaction we are not able to calculate analytics whether the user satisfies with our services or not, whether he will visit again or not. There are many questions arises, but we can’t find a solution because we don’t have any analytics report for following the user.

In the online world, we can calculate all the paths like how the user comes to a site, through which device the user arrived, a time period of user engagement, social media activities about our services. Here we can find the solution using reports so that we can make some decision to increase user engagement and we can also satisfy the user while they convert as the customer.

Benefits of Digital Analytics

The Digital Analytics benefits to the business depend upon their business platform, and their decision takes in their business.

If the lead generation company obtain the analytics to increase their sales with the user information.

If the e-commerce site uses the analytics report to know about the user engagement and their interested products so they can attract the customers through offers for the specified products.

If the Publisher used the analytics report to know about user engagement on their site so they can provide the valuable information and they can put some ads depend upon the user interest.


Through the analytics report, we can improve our business leads and targets; it mainly helps for us to take decision while we step into increase our business border and much more. I hope the above-given thoughts are contribute to know some new things about the analytics report.