Volume > profit

1. A well-oiled marketing machine
If more people are buying your product (and your product is good), people will naturally refer their family and friends to you. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, after all. In other words, you don’t need to spend money on advertising or sales staff if your volume is at a level where organic referrals eclipse all forms of marketing.

2. A superior product
What are some things people dislike about your product? What can you do better? What would increase sales by 3x? You won’t really know the answers to these questions until you get enough feedback. And that won’t happen until you sell enough of it! Natural feedback occurs when there are multitudes of product-customer experiences occurring on a regular basis, which will help evolve the product into an even better market-fit.

3. A potential buyout
If customers are buying your product, that means they are not buying the competitors. And that’s market share you’ve just gained. Unless your industry is not a zero sum game, every sale you make is one less your competitor is making and your brand is now (slowly) making a name for itself. Eventually, the competition will notice and may acquire you to get you out of the way, for a large sum.

4. A profitable + sustainable business
The more volume you are able to move, the greater discounts you can demand from your suppliers. Bulk orders almost guarantee savings on costs, and that’s where the higher profits come in — without the need to increase price. More sales equal more volume buying, which equals volume pricing, all while keeping the customer happy.

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