Online shopping : Not just Convenience..but More bang for your Buck!

Online shopping has become an important part of today’s lifestyle. Many people rely on the e-commerce sites to buy products and services at affordable prices. Online shopping allows people to shop from the comfort of their homes where one can browse different types of products as per their choice and interests, explore options, compare prices, etc. and still decide not to buy without feeling any guilt or drawing ire from pushy salespersons..also one can escape pains like going out in scorching heat or chilly-cold for shopping, peak hour rush in stores, standing in checkout queues for a long and what not.. Online marketplaces have provided a more convenient option for buying all types of goods and services at your fingertips..

There are places and geographies where certain kind of goods are not available but thanks to Online Shopping a customer can browse and order online as long as their area is serviceable for courier delivery

When you shop online you tend to save lots of money too as most of online shopping sites sell their products offering a considerable discounts (that doesn’t mean compromise in quality.. in fact, they compensate the saving in overheads by passing the benefit to consumers so it’s win-win for all).. Often, you can find products online at much better bargained price due to various deals and campaigning run by marketplaces and online stores….Overall we can say that online shopping — which has brought both more comfort and additional saving — is one of the best things that has ever happened in this era..

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And the icing on the cake is — if you have credit/debit card of a particular bank then you can get extra cashback/ discount on your total shopping bill.. Different banks run campaigns at different times in association with brands and stores to offer such additional benefits to customers…

However, can you have cards of all the banks? It’s ‘No’ for the most unless you are a card-junkie.. So what to do? One option is let go such offer and pay the full price or wait till your bank comes up with an offer on your card… either of them is the reality that you would accept with a pinch of salt! What if you can avail the best card-liked offers even without a particular debit/credit card? Can you? Yes you can.. If you have a ‘DealJaan’ app..It helps shoppers avail best card-linked offers, with or without a card! You read it right — even ‘without a card’..It is your virtual Shopping Assistant that helps you to avail best shopping deals which otherwise would have been in-accessible! DealJaan recommends Buyer about the best of her Own Cards to be used while shopping to maximize the benefits, and also helps to connect with Other Cardholders (Payers) to avail the best available deals… more on DealJaan — please refer on .. and don’t forget to register (with promocode DJ2019) if you also want to have an early access and start enjoying deals to make your online shopping a true ‘value for money’!

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