GSoC Progress — Week 1

A week into GSoC has come to an end and it’s been a wonderful learning experience. My goal for the next couple of weeks would be to compile libvarnam in Android. So I decided to play around with the working and the flow of NDK to use native code in the Java program.

Android NDK code flow

The above image roughly explains the workflow of the NDK in Android. This tutorial explains very well as to how one can get started with NDK. The NDK knowledge would come very handy in the fututre for the progress on this project. Another excellent resource is the set of videos by Aleksander Gargenta which can be found here,

I did follow the entire playlist, and found it extremely useful. He explains each and every detail of the process and I would highly suggest it for people looking to get started with NDK. So the future plan is to implement a very basic application which calls the libvarnam module inside the Java application and then hook the skeleton of the program to the Indic Keyboard app.

System.out.println("That's all for now, see you next time!");