GSoC Progress — Week 4 & 5

Ooh boy, half way through GSoC and lot to be done. Finally we decided to do the entire project in Android Studio so that the later integration with Indic Keyboard would be easier. As said in the last post, I was in a state of completing the wrappers of varnam_init() and rest of the functions when a queue of challenges popped up.

First of all since we are moving out of the regular “PC” kind of architecture, storing the scheme files in a specific directory is still a problem. First we decided to store it in the internal storage of the mobile which then eventually caused a lot of problems because varnam_set_symbols_dir() required a string path to the directory, which was not possible. Then we later decided to store it in the external storage of the device. This decision is temporary because once the user removes the external SD card, Varnam keyboard would not be functional :P

Then came the problem of build architectures. Since my work machine is a Mac, all the built libraries are in the form of .dylib files. Android accepts only .so files as the jniLibs. After generating the binary in my dual boot Ubuntu, it turned out that Android accepts only 32 - bit architecture libraries. Then using VirtualBox I finally managed to get the desired files. Now out of nowhere the thrown error is,

"Cannot find:"

I have currently written wrappers for most of the required methods, but have to resolve these errors to get the testing going smoothly. I will upload a list of references I have gone through(there a tons of em) in the next post so that anyone working in this topic may find it useful.

object Bye extends Application {
println('That's all for now, see you next time!')