Courage is not the absence of fear

Does courage really mean total absence of fear, I wonder. What’s that elusive thing called courage. If we stop to think about it, we’d realise that it’s only natural to have fear. Its the property of “the mind ”, not your mind. Fear is inherent. It is what has helped us survive over these many years. “ The mind ” is always searching for what’s wrong, what’s missing, what’s harmful around, what’s threatening so that we could, considering the primitive time’s demands, cope with the environment around and help ourselves through our lives. The environment usually meant the immediate environment, i.e. the nature. One had to cope with the wildlife challenges of dealing with the flora and fauna around. “The mind” was created in such a way that supported survival. And fear was an all too necessary element in achieving that. So it’s fruitless to think that one can fully free himself from fear. Fear is part of being a living being.

So then what is this esoteric and elusive thing called courage. Courage is not the absence of fear. The fear is omnipresent. What courage means is that even though fear is there (and its always gonna be there. So its useless to defy it) one is willing to act and go about making a sincere and complete effort to go about his outcome. Acting in spite of fear is what courage is all about. It is being aware of the danger, the threat and the possibility of loss or probable death that come with the task at hand and still, with full knowledge of the probability of loss, (which presupposes the probability of gain, of achievement, of glory, of all that is good in life) acting upon the task that invokes fear not because its the right thing to do but because its the only thing there is to do that can free the soul, open up the spirit and bless us with the experience called life. This is what’s unique about humans. We have been given the dignity of choice. We are the only species that can think one thought and evoke one emotion and think another thought to create another emotion. And courage is merely an emotion. We can access this emotion at will. Fear being omnipresent, there is always an opportunity to act courageously, to act in spite of fear, to free our spirit and to experience what life really is. Because, think about it, isn’t fear the only emotion that has kept man under barriers, that has kept man under limitations and restriction. It is this fear, if let to overpower itself upon him, that stops man from acting upon his dream and realising his true potential.

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