Features and Grades of Brazilian Hair Extensions

Hair extensions were always in vogue and in order to impart a charm and look resplendent, you can have your hair extensions coloured. Brazilian hair extensions are more versatile than the synthetic ones. They can be styled and dyed according to your preference.

Features of Brazilian Hair

Brazil is situated in South America and cheap human hair extensions is collected from rural places in Brazil. The donors sell their hair and receive a good amount of money for it. Brazilians are of African, India and European origin. Brazilian hair is the most desired human hair type for making hair extension products. The best place to shop for such extensions is the Ali queen mall which is a large online store and a leading Chinese brand. The Ali queen hair products are capturing the market due to its cheap pricing and superior quality

The characteristics of Brazilian hair depend on the genetics and region. The features of this type of hair are less consistent because Brazil is genetically diverse. There are three types of Brazilian human hair.

• Grade A –This type of Brazilian hair belongs to the area populated with the European or Anglo decent. This hair type is of fine texture, silky and is naturally straight. It is used for making lace frontal and wigs.

• Grade B — This type of Brazilian hair is thicker than the Grade A variety and has a wavy pattern. This type is resistant to the sun and is available in wide range of shades from light copper to dark brown. This is the most popular form of Brazilian hair available in the market.

• Grade C — This type of Brazilian hair belongs to the Afro- Caribbean population of Brazil. This type of hair is curly, thick and course ranging from light brown to black shade. This hair type is popularly called Molado or Muttalo, which means curly. This type of hair is available in the market as tight curls or body wave.

Characteristics of Brazilian Hair:

• It is heavy in density and coarse in texture.

• It is available in styles like curly, naturally straight and wavy.

• It is available in a wide variety of shades ranging from rich brown, off black to black.

• This hairtype offers volume and bounce to natural hair.

• Hair products made of this type of hair is popular with the Afro-Carribean population.

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