From America’s Healers: A Letter to Our Patients in the Trump Era

As one of the people who you are trying to protect that should have a right to health care I take issue with your position on this subject. My wife and I opted out of health insurance due to the extreme cost to buy it. We determined that we could handle our current health care needs for far less money then the actual cost of paying our doctors. Anyone who thinks that Health Insurance Companies or the health care act are going to make health care less expensive obviously do not understand basic math. Health insurance companies cost billions of dollars to operate that cost is being paid by the consumers, the same holds true with the health care act. You can not add infrastructure and expect it to be less expensive. There will always be those who can not afford health care and that cost should be nothing more than overhead to the doctors and hospitals. Overhead is one of the elements in determining how much you need to charge the customer. The one thing that needs to be done for doctors and hospitals to factor in that cost is that it needs to be evaluated on a national basis and spread across the entire industry. Let’s say 20% of people can not afford health care nationally:

  1. Every health business entity factors that amount into the fees they charge the individual.
  2. That money goes into a national fund and is distributed back into the industry based on the geographic ability to pay percentage. Your area has 30% who can’t pay than you get an additional 10% back. Your area has 10% who can’t pay you get only 10% of the twenty you paid in.

OK so what about catastrophic illness or injury:

  1. health savings plans that are completely tax free unless you spend them on something other than health, eye, and dental care.
  2. Catastrophic coverage for those who need to protect there assets but don’t have enough money to pay a catastrophic event. (let’s face anyone who is living pay check to pay check and that is a large percentage are going to be in trouble if they can not work and will be faced with much greater problems than paying there health care bills)

Shut down or scale back the insurance industry and for sure get rid of Obama Care and get back to an efficient system that is affordable. I should not be penalized for opting to pay my own way. Basic math, get with the program all of you who signed this document. I have interviewed many health care professionals at many levels in the industry and those that operate on a shoe string in areas that are depressed run more efficiently than those who are well funded. Competition and quality of service will keep costs down as well and that can not exist in a system run by the government. I welcome you replies just do not assume that those who you feel have a right to health care necessarily agree with you. I am one of those people with less the 25K income and no assets or liabilities. I refuse to participate in a system that does not work and as such have opted out of health insurance and will not got to the exchange for coverage. All I ask is that when I come to you for service you charge me a fair price based on your operating cost and profit margins. I am 57 years old and in relatively good health.