And maybe that’s what love is all about. It’s not always about the grandiose things or the beautiful stuff. It’s not always about the sweet notes and kissing in the middle of an argument. Sometimes, it is sailing through massive waves and walking barefoot on a stormy day. Sometimes, it is waiting for a phone call that’s never gonna happen. Or watching the door as it closes realizing the love of your life has already left you behind. Sometimes, it’s finding the other side of the bed empty but still you lie on it to have a good sleep. And that’s still love. Love is seeing the worst side of the person, finding out all his flaws, knowing the mistakes he did and how it has hurt you, but still you choose to stay. Love is finding out the bad things, the dark side, the monster days but it is what makes you want to hold his hand tighter and stay even more. Love is knowing he could hurt you anytime, but trusting that maybe he won’t. Because yes, love isn’t always about the butterflies. Sometimes it’s like a sick feeling in the stomach, sometimes it’s wanting to give up but realizing it will be more painful to lose them than to endure the pain of accepting their mistakes. Love is when you wake up and you find him cranky not knowing what you did, but you still want them just as much. Love is not always about lengthy conversations, but boring ones, too. It’s when you pull them closer no matter how many times they push you away. Love is remembering all the bad days you’ve had with him instead of the good ones, but it still makes you happy and smiling because you couldn’t imagine experiencing those ugly days with any other person, except him.

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