Apple watch. Did they just improve the battery or disprove the usefulness?

The first week I had my Apple Watch, I felt like a scuba-diver struggling to preserve oxygen as I raced to the surface of my day. By 9.30pm, I was barely remaining powered-up, the battery dipping into Reserve like a carStyrmansgatan thirsting for fuel.

These days, I hardly finish a day with less than 25% battery still remaining.

So what’s different?

Have Apple issued an update without telling us, fixing a flaw in the Watch’s energy levels so we get more minutes per day (if you know what I mean).

Or, and I dare not say these words aloud lest my sceptical wife hears them and ‘tells me so’…

… am I not using my Watch as much as. I thought I would, or indeed did back in week one? And, by the way, week one was only three weeks ago.

I’m afraid the answer is probably no.

At first, I used it as an iPhone replacement, smugly complimenting myself on rediscovering the lost art of looking up as I walked, save for the occasional glance at my wrist when I received an alert.

Mind you, I played with my watch. I spoke to it. Asked vital questions about the weather and nearby restaurants.

Repeated those vital questions until Siri finally understood what I was saying.

I used the workout app religiously, collecting invaluable data on my health, pace, heartbeat and calorie loss – data I’ve never looked at since.

I downloaded my airline ticket in the Watch version of pass book, and proudly presented my wrist at the check-in desk. Except my wrist wouldn’t fit in the scanner, so I had to use my iPhone instead.

I changed watch faces.


I checked emails.

Three times.

I used the map app.

No, actually I have never used the map app, but I know it’s there.

To be absolutely honest, I pretty much use my Apple Watch…

… as a watch.

It tells me the time.

Wakes me up.

‘dings’ a bit.

And doesn’t look quite as good on my wrist as my old, much much cheaper watch.

Still, I know that OS2 is on its way, promising to give us the Apple Watch experience we early adopters should have been enjoying since the start of our Watch Journey.

But, thing is, I can’t really think of anything they might give me that will make me use my watch for much more than I’m doing already. There’s nothing much I really, really wished it did that it doesn’t.

I haven’t got that ‘how did I ever manage without it’ feeling that I always got with my various MacBooks, iPhone or iPad. Or once upon a time had with my iPod.

Maybe that will come.

In time…

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