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Between COVID, the social injustices that are occurring, and name, image, and likeness, I can’t even begin to imagine how athletic administrators are handling everything that involves the well-being of their student-athletes.

We are clearly living through unprecedented times and it has forced us all to take a step back to reexamine how we’ve been operating as a society.

Obviously there are many topics that I can address in this article, but the top of mind for me personally has to be name, image & likeness mainly because it’s been the one thing that has been constant throughout all of this. …

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If you would have told me when I was a kid that I’d publish two books before I was 30 — I would have literally laughed you out of the room.

There was never a point in my life where I had aspirations to be an author or write.

Truth be told, I really hated reading when I was younger and probably never read a full book on my own until I graduated from college.

Writing is just something I do now because it comes so naturally to me.

It’s my way of communicating with the world.

Now all of that might sound crazy as shit, but it’s the raw, honest truth. …

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I can vividly remember playing AAU basketball, traveling the country and competing against some of the top-ranked players in the nation.

Even after all these years, it all stands out in my mind.

I can still see the legendary college coaches talking amongst themselves and taking mental notes of the players while sitting in the stands. I can picture the sports agents and brand marketers in the corner of the gym scouting the kids who could be next-up. I can still imagine the packed gyms, high stakes, and elite match-ups that everyone came to witness.

As a teenager, I understood that this wasn’t about basketball. …

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The first two episodes of the Last Dance documentary premiered on ESPN last Sunday which had the internet world buzzin!

Being a 90s baby, it felt good to revisit some of the “glory days” of basketball.

For many of us hoop fans, we already knew about the dynasty that was the Chicago Bulls in the 90s.

We knew about MJ’s introduction into the NBA and how he dominated from the jump.

We knew about Dennis Rodman’s rebounding prowess and how he brought a unique flair to that team.

But what many people didn’t realize was the animosity and discord that Scottie Pippen had with upper management. …

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It’s day whatever of the coronavirus quarantine and truth be told, I’m trying my best not to go stir crazy.

There are no sports on TV.

Social media is more crowded than it’s ever been before.

Even leaving the house to take a quick walk is a struggle because every time I get outside I have to run back in to grab my mask.

I think everyone can agree that we’re all over this shit, but hey, we have to do what’s necessary to get past it right?

And I’m not trying to be cynical here. Obviously, it’s easy to look at this situation in a negative light. …

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Coronavirus hasn’t even started to negatively impact our economy as much as it will.

My prediction is that this is just the beginning of a bad recession and we have yet to see the worst of what will come.

We will probably see many more companies go out of business, more people lost their jobs, and more hardships we have to endure as a society, unfortunately.

But take my perspective with a grain of salt. I’m not an economist, doctor or anything like that.

Instead, I can only use this situation as a prime example of why athletes among others have to be prepared for anything. …

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Last week, to many people’s surprise, the NBA, NHL, MLB, and all collegiate sports all announced that they would be suspending the current season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Honestly, I hadn’t really taken coronavirus that seriously until this happened.

In my lifetime, I had never seen a single sports league canceled or postponed for a pandemic, let alone multiple.

It was eye-opening and still is for fans and athletes alike.

But with this came a greater appreciation of sports as a whole and the role they play in our society.

Fans rely on sports to be an outlet. We see athletes as inspiration and hope for what we can do and be. Without sports and athletes competing, life becomes a little harder and colder. …

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For the past several years I’ve closely been followed this debate about whether or not student-athletes should be able to legally monetize their image and likeness.

I’ve written about it extensively.

I’ve also followed the news and media.

I’ve even formed relationships with and studied other companies who specifically work in this space such as INFLCR, Opendorse, and Open Sponsorship.

I’m really not one to brand myself a thought-leader in any capacity, but given my experience as a student-athlete on top of doing all of this, I’d like to think that I can provide some sound direction and wisdom as to where all this NIL talk should go. …

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If you work in and around the sports industry then you know first-hand how competitive the landscape can be.

There are so many people who want to work in sports, want to be around sports — and simply not enough jobs to go around.

But one of the most coveted roles in sports doesn’t require you to have a traditional resume. It doesn’t require you to have a tie-in or connection to a company. Nor does it technically require you to have a higher education degree.

The only things that being a sports agent require are work ethic, people skills, an understanding of the sport and player you might be representing, and very strong negotiating skills at the very least. …

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Throughout the years, there have been several athletes who have gotten reprimanded either by coaches, teams, leagues or all three for their behavior on social media.

Whether it was a tweet implying sexist, racist or culturally disrespectful connotations or even an inappropriate Instagram photo from a party, we’ve all seen it, heard about it and watched how it came back to bite the athlete in the ass.

There have even been fans who have gone back to dig up tweets from athlete’s high school days during the athlete’s draft night.

Personally, I’m not one to make excuses for anything.

As a former Division-I and professional athlete, I can tell you first-hand that even though I was a kid who made my fair share of mistakes, I still understood how social media could potentially affect my life back then even though it wasn’t nearly as prevalent as it is today. …


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