Airing Out

I told you Mr. Biggs keep my name out your mouth,
Ima take you to the woodshed son like we were down south,
game recognize game Aarons Biggs and your ass out,
your limited knowlege of politics proves you lack clout,
on this you aint close to my league your just pitiful,
and when it comes to my peoples my sentiments are critical,
How in the fuck am I clan for calling out your racism,
need to spit that trump out your breath smells of him,
scared of a women leader but acting like bitches,
if it werent so dire, Id probably be in stitches,
you choose hatred, division and seem lack empathy,
wipe your tears peckerwood, you get pity, but not sympathy.
In the marketplace of Ideas your just bankrupt,
where is your canidates taxes? seems corrupt,
but you are blinded by lies and warmth of white male fragitility,
and change is going to come just Mrs. Hillary,
Madame President just best to get use to it,
you are living in the past its the future step into it.

Im sick of white folk complaining that the system ain’t fair,
when the schmuck you elected bout to kill my health care,
only white men complain even though they rigged the system,
got to protest in the streets because the Ofay dont listen.
fake ass “christians” in segrated churches, 
sorry not sorry if the truth hurts you,
You elected trump, so we having that race talk,
hide behide the privilege and still Im gonna stalk.
Coffee for the mind so wake the hell up,
all four estates shady and obviously currupt,
it dont effect you but my peoples have had enough
if a person call me out my name Im beating that ass,
disrespact a woman in front of me Im kicking your ass,
so I got better morals than the president elect,
and since you voted racist you get no respect.
back of the line, revoking your ghetto pass
only four years, until then you can kiss my ghetto ass.

these iambic pentameters cant really see me,
step up the penmanship or your operating speed,
too many biting MCs are afraid to take the lead,
I do it for love, while you do it for the greed.
spitting spirit science, sacred geometry,
the Terrence Mckenna of hip hop, Neo Aldus Huxley,
opening doors of your perception, exposing thier deceptions,
sometimes its best to chill if you dont have a direction.
Im always climbing up, they wont let me on the ladder,
and I know my rhymes is tight, your opinion doesnt matter.
but I bet I go viral, cause damn this brother sick,
and treat your women right cause damn this brothers slick.