The Eurofighter Typhoon Isn’t Stealthy, But It’s No Pushover
War Is Boring

I think that as good as the F-35 is (and I’m not one that buys into ‘F-35 is a piece of junk’ diatribe), I think we should not bet all our cards on stealth. Stealth will be important in the first day of the war, but growing counter-stealth capabilities are real, and will pose an ability to erode the effectiveness of our stealthy 5th gen platforms like F-35 and F-22. Of course, we will respond with improvements to stealth, so a continuing stealth vs counter-stealth competition will continue. But I think it would be a mistake to assume that stealth will always give us the edge. So aircraft like the Eurofighter are important, particularly given their ability to carry a larger payload of weapons, employ greater speed, and enjoy enhanced manoeuvrability. In that sense it will be interesting what comes out of the FCAS project — and whether its a mix of manned platforms and UCAS, will they emphasize stealth, or speed and agility? Plus don’t discount the importance of organisational culture — Air Forces are run by fighter pilots.

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