In This Teen Book Club, ‘The Outsiders’ Leads to Talk of Boys and ICE
Donnell Alexander

Yo. I was really touched by this piece. It spoke to the teenager in me, the kid who loved John Hughes films, drive ins and great literature. My closest friends and I bonded over great books. The storylines illuminated much of our teenage struggles in Philadelphia, even when the stories were not about people who looked or lived anything like us. 
I appreciate you looking in on these kids and telling their stories. All too often, people outside of the world of letters assume that readers are as segregated as the outside world. They forget that great literature has a universality to it, and that the best of us seek to see ourselves in one another. 
I love how you show tke kids interrogating the story, challenging one another to go deeper. It made me want to know about where they learned those skills. Learning to interrogate the story is something that they will be able to use their whole lives.

Thank you again, Donnell for being the master story teller that you are. I appreciate your gift, and the generosity with which you share it.