How I Got Radicalized

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Welcome to “How I Got Radicalized,” a new series at GEN that tells a story about a cultural moment — a TV show, commercial, character, song, book, musical, etc. — that made you drastically rethink how society works. Here’s how you can pitch us.

“Baby, let me tell you, the…

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InIn recent weeks, the theme of solitude has forcibly taken center stage in our lives. Counsel from public health officials around the world has been unwavering: The magnitude of the harm caused by this pandemic will heavily depend on how well people adhere to social distancing protocols. …

InIn the spring of 1919, California Motion Picture Corporation released the Western film Just Squaw. The star and co-producer of the film was Beatriz Michelena, one of a small number of Latina actresses who were able to achieve success on the silver screen in its nascent years. Michelena starred in…

Illustration: Luisa Martínez

“W“When I look at La Virgen de Guadalupe now, she is not the Lupe of my childhood, no longer the one in my grandparents’ house in Tepeyac,” writes Sandra Cisneros in her 1996 essay “Guadalupe the Sex Goddess.” “Nor is she the one of the Roman Catholic Church, the one…

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TToni Morrison’s speech “The Habit of Art,” included in her book The Source of Self-Regard, references an event originally written about by an unnamed young reporter. It recounts the way that a group of Haitian citizens used theater to undermine the Tonton Macoute, a special operations unit within the Haitian…

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Los Angeles born-and-raised writer. Lover of all things femme and disobedient. Words in Teen Vogue, Vibe, Remezcla, Okayplayer, Bustle, Vice, and more.

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