A day, Assignment 2, draft 1

A day consists of 24 hours, and on any given day our overhead transitions into various stages. From the break of dawn, to the sure as death dusk. The sky continually fluctuates between pale blues and dark grays to gold and purple streaked billows. Even when no one is noticing it’s beauty and magnitude it continues to take new shapes and transforms all over again.

Even though I can’t exactly say that I’ve been up to see the day take it’s shape. From my point of view it’s been a beautiful day since at least 12 p.m. While the brilliant white is being effective at contrasting the vivid blue I can’t help but almost fall right back asleep. But, the show must go on. So I really should wake up.

I brush my hair into a (very) messy ponytail and decide to make a one-man show kind of breakfast. Yep, a single egg. Initially I wanted it done sunny side up, but when its turn came to flip it, I realized I hadn’t mastered the technique. So I settled for a sunny scramble. I set my plate down at the table when I heard the bedroom door open. An energetic “Good morning!” What a cheerful tone for the such an early hour, I thought to myself. While the thought crossed my mind I realized that by now it must be one o’clock.

My roommate decided to join in on the daily adventure and finally woke up. I proceed by greeting her in an equally cheery voice. She plops down in front of me barely scooching the chair far enough backwards to sit comfortably. “What are we doing today?” I ask. I’m staring directly at her, but i’m not anxious for her answer. I already know exactly what we’re doing today. It’s Tuesday so I don’t start till 3,and she isn’t up to much on Tuesdays either.

She gets up and let’s out a sigh.

“I don’t know”.

“Well, I don’t have class till three, so we could swing by the mall”

“How boring, what am I supposed to do? Window shop? My student loan won’t be coming in for the next 4 months, I’m officially broke”

I look over, while I check my mental database for any free activities. I stand up and place my plate in the sink, it’s not actually dirty, but I’m too lazy to wash it up right now. She’s still quiet but it’s because she’s racking her brain for anything to do. I plop right back in front of her, waiting for any suggestions. Ding! In a simultaneous aha-moment we both come up with a marvelous idea.

We change our clothes and head out to the only logical direction,the beach. I start the car and I couldn’t be bothered to let the engine warm up. We’re out, rolling, not even thinking twice about the forgotten beach towel or the missing sun lotion. I raise the volume and look at my reflection in the side-mirror, which coincides with my 4th wall illusion, while I break into song.

“Wherever she goes, I go, we roll, we go

Flying over cities down to Rio,

It’s real love that I feel,

Well nothing lasts forever.

But I’m down for the minute so just chill”