As based on the thesis of Nieya van Nie at Breda University of Applied Sciences

Supplying Students with Distraction Free VR Study Environments (?)

The Focus Hub is a multi-platform, distraction-free learning environment app created for the generation plagued by short attention spans

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Jun 17 · 4 min read
van Nie

The 21st century is plagued with attention deficit because there’s so much going on, all of the time. This affects academics negatively and even if you do have all of a student’s attention, it nosedives after 10 to 15 minutes.

Not all is lost, however! This just creates opportunities for new technological developments that aim to remedy short attention spans in students.

van Nie

“A study conducted in 2017 showed that students who received text messages during a lecture, had lower quiz scores than those who were asked to put their phones away (Lee, Kim, Mcdonough, Mendoza, & Kim, 2017).”

This is where the Focus Hub comes in! Now,

What is the Focus Hub exactly?

A multi-platform product that can be accessed via a Virtual Reality Learning Environment, an app and/or a computer. Meant to be used by students on their own time. It ensures a distraction-free learning environment which supplies students with micro classes that last about 10–15 minutes (which is no coincidence). In its essence, an e-learning environment.

As long as teachers supply content (which is automatically divided into micro classes) students can access the Focus Hub via a code to study.

How is the distraction-free factor ensured?

As soon as a microlesson is started the device will go into “airplane mode”. Aside from that, if the student is using a Virtual Reality headset they will automatically be isolated from the outside world.

How does the Focus Hub function?

Though at the moment the creator of Focus Hub is anticipating stakeholders to invest in the full launch of the app, it is to perform in the following ways:

  • Adding classes
  • Automatic micro class division
  • Study schedules
  • Progress tracking
  • Learning new subjects
  • Adding classes
  • Pop quizzes
  • Progress bars

What does the Focus Hub look like?

The Focus Hub is a beautifully designed multi-platform product. It has already gone through prototype tests with users who have supplied their feedback to the creator.

Check out the following images to see how the product looks from different platforms and perspectives.

Example of the student section on mobile. Source: van Nie
View of student section on desktop. van Nie
Virtual Reality Focus Hub Experience through the Samsung Gear VR. van Nie

Who is the Focus Hub meant for?

Though Van Nie sees this product being most fit for students between the ages of 16 and 28, I believe this product is more universal than that. Meaning that students from a younger and older age could benefit from the meticulously thought out distraction-free multi-platform application. Teachers also form an integral part of the users as most of the content will be uploaded and administered by them.

Here’s what the users said about the Focus Hub:

“I would use it. Of course. I get distracted very fast. When I’m studying I really want to take it in my long term memory and I think this is a good option.

“I understand this. I understand what it’s all about. It’s good, there’s potential definitely.”

“I was thinking if there is something that I really want to learn, I would love to have this kind of environment.”

Do you see yourself or your students studying like this? Focus Hub does!

source: van Nie
Source: van Nie

Any thoughts on the Focus Hub? Comment below!

Source: Van Nie, N. (2019). An exploration of the effect a Distraction Free VR Learning Environment has on grades and perceived satisfaction (thesis). Breda University of Applied Sciences.

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