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The following post appeared on the blog of the International Movement for Monetary Reform.

Have you ever tried to explain to someone how money is created as a loan by banks? Then you most likely came across misunderstanding, disbelief and apathy. If the movement for monetary reform is to gain influence among the general public, we have to educate many people. To be effective we must find persuasive ways around the common psychological defensive reactions. To do this, we have created a board game called Money Maker to make it fun and easy to understand the banking system. In Money Maker every player becomes a bank that can create money, similar to how a modern fractional reserve bank works. While playing, players subconsciously create a credit boom and watch it fall apart in a big bust.

In the weekend of 7 June 2018 the members of the International Movement for Monetary Reform gathered in our city of Utrecht for their yearly conference. It was an honour and a privilege to be in the presence of like-minded people.

Organisations that were present included:

COMER (Canada), Monetative (Germany), Positive Money UK, Positive Money EU, Positiva Pengar, American Monetary Institute (VS), Ons Geld (NL), Gode Penge (DM), Monnaie Juste (FR) and Dinero Positivo (SP).

We would not be the Money Maker people if we didn’t take the opportunity to sit some of the IMMR members down and experience the root cause of monetary corruption first hand. The organisations were welcomed around three tables that we had set up. …


Luuk de Waal Malefijt

Founder of Ons Geld, one of Europe’s biggest monetary reform movements (130.000 supporters), with proposals actively discussed in Parliament (NL).

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