Manchester bitter
Bruce Robbins

Hey Bruce, nice to hear from you :-)

I am VERY familiar with Manchester Bitter, and the Marble Brewery and the Marble Arch pub, and the next time I am in Manchester I will absolutely meet you there so that we can buy one another SEVERAL pints of the good stuff.

The arguments you put forward for the potential up-sides and the need for pragmatically moving forward, accepting reality are all perfectly reasonable, and honestly I agree with them in the main, and the rest do not offend me, but then none of this is my problem with the Brexit…

My problem is that the Brexit is predicated on ignorance and lies, on playing to the irrational and unfounded fears of a populace down-trodden by the very “happy warriors for change” that have led them to vote against their own self-interest to further a political agenda that will only benefit them and their wealthy cronies, if anyone at all.

A day later, as the dust settles, Leave voters are widely expressing remorse, the presumptive PM-elect is urging caution and restraint about implementing the process of invoking Clause 50 with all the confidence and self-belief of a man who has just figured out that while it seemed like a good idea to sleep with his sister’s wife last night when he was high on cocaine, that today the very real prospect of having to leave his family and shack up with her makes him want to crawl into a dark hole and die.

My heart is breaking for the suffering and loss that this decision will cause and is quite probably already causing, and while some eventual silver linings are indeed possible it gives me no joy whatsoever in the face of the aftermath of this act of thoughtless self-mutilation.

Still, thanks for trying to cheer me up, and we are definitely going to have to have that beer…