Few quick thoughts on Brexit
Chris Arnade

I wrote a long response that was then posted twice and then deleted entirely when I tried to delete one version of it… *facepalm*

TLDR; I agree with what you are saying about trying as hard as possible to not marginalise people, but I want to know how we make the people who are voting against their own self-interest see both that they are hurting themselves and others while making their oppressors richer / more powerful, and that they need to throw off the chains of their own ignorance in order to see the angles and make better decisions.

I would embrace a more Progressive, fairer society in the UK, but if I make the sacrifices required, if I choose a political reality where I pay more tax and sacrifice some of my comfort to achieve this more egalitarian society I don’t want the rest of society to spit in my face and tell me that they would rather be pissed on from above, because at least they would not have to think about it…

I may be a little extra jaded right now — entire swathes of the British Electorate have just voted in direct opposition to their own self interest on the basis of ignorance and I am in despair.