How to Dress for That Rain Dance Party this Monsoon

1. Go Simple:

You know you cannot wear anything fancy, so it is best that you dress simply for the party. Sometimes, the biggest style comes out of dressing up simply, and it might just come true in your case. Wear a simple dark coloured polo with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Avoid light colours as it will get dirty easily.

2. Go Cool:

To add to the earlier mentioned suggestion of dressing up simply, you can go further and experiment a little by going for simple clothes but stylish accessories. Wear a black muscle tee with a black pair of jeans and sneakers. Don a stylish cap on your head and a thich chain around your neck, and you are good to go.

3. Go Layered:

One of the easiest and best ways of men new style is by adding layers to your ensemble. You won’t have to do much here, and will not even have to compromise on you simplicity. All you have to do is that along with picking a simple monochrome tee and a pair of loose t shirt, pick a shirt with check design. Wear it over your t shirt of the lighter shirt without buttoning it up. Lo and behold! You are already the star of the party.

4. Go Shirtless:

This is only if you work out at the gym and have a muscular or toned body, especially with a flat stomach or abs, preferably. In that case, you can wear only a good pair of jeans with shoes. This will make sure you get a lot of attention from the ladies and will also let you enjoy the party without any trouble.

Dressing up simply yet in latest style is always a tough thing to do. It gets even more difficult when the occasion is casual. Rain dance party is one such occasion. But as you saw above, as hard as the problem may seem, the solution is quite simple, and you already know four od them.

Content source: Male Grooming Academy