Why Akshay Kumar Is An Ideal Inspiration For Every Fitness Freak

1.His firm views on steroids:

Akshay Kumar has never used steroids or protein supplements to boost his physique. He believes that true fitness comes from working out in a dedicated manner, having a regular work-out session and eating healthy. In his opinion, the key to having a long-term aim of fitness is saying a strict no to all chemical enhancers.

2. No-weight training:

When someone says they don’t use weights to work out, it seems quite unbelievable right? While he believes weight-training and gym workouts for men are beneficial, he suggests that we should try this method too. Akshay Kumar claims to have never lifted a dumbbell in his life. He uses his own weight to workout, implying that he focuses on push-ups, pull-ups, cardio etc.

3. Eating right:

At 47, Akshay Kumar is one of the fittest celebrities we know. His prowess in this is a credit to the diet that he follows. He never adds protein supplements or shakes to his diet unless absolutely necessary. For healthy diet with high protein content, he suggests eggs, chicken, brown rice and milk.

4. Not losing focus of what’s important:

The gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts of today have mostly made it about showmanship- who has more pumped arms or who has more ripped abs etc. This leads people to take various shortcuts which are harmful for the body in the long run. Akshay Kumar has not used a single stunt double in his career. He believes that this is solely because of his healthy food habits and dedication when it comes to fitness.

To aspire to be like someone impressive is one thing, but to actually apply what we can learn from them is the actual challenge. Make sure you try out these tips to get healthy.

Content Source: Male Grooming Academy