The Story We Must Find for Ourselves

We are in the grip of dysfunctional cultural myths that are leading us down the path to increased chaos, social disorder and ultimate civilizational collapse.

Our myths, the stories that we learn from infancy to adulthood that tell us how to be human beings are stories of progress, growth, acquisitiveness, of supremacy of humans over Nature and the natural world, of separateness of humans and objects one from another, of the rightness of human control of the “non-human” world. We are told that any problem that arises can be solved by human invention, technology and intelligence, that human population need not ever be constrained or limited, that we will always find some new technologies to replace old technologies that no longer work, and new resources will be found when those we use now run out, and that our country/society/civilization is better than all others and therefore deserves anything and everything its desires, regardless of the needs and desires of other living things.

We are taught we are the ultimate goal of evolution, that we are the top of the heap, the final accomplishment of millions of years of evolutionary development, and that evolution stops with Homo sapiens.

As it turns out, all of these myths are false. Not only false, but self-destructive. They have led to the despoliation and physical elimination of natural habitats around the world, to species extinctions, to global pollution by human produced materials never before seen on this Earth. They have resulted in deserts where once there were forests, dead ocean depths where once there was teeming marine life, vast stretches of critical habitat covered with asphalt, cement, buildings, factories, landfills, festering tailings ponds and toxic dumps.

And yet, we go on, day to day, as if this is normal, as if it doesn’t matter that we are making a cesspool of a once beautiful, healthy and thriving planet. Our media and politicians wax eloquent about climate change and the doom that it foretells, yet we drive every day in polluting private automobiles to jobs that foul the air, water and land, stopping by the way to and from to purchase innumerable unneeded things to take home and store in our bulging garages, such that we must park our cars on the street to be rifled by the homeless in search of things to sell to buy drugs to feed their self-inflicted addictions.

Something is very wrong here. We no longer know how to be human beings, and the stories we tell our children carry on the dysfunctional myths that have led us to our current plight.

We don’t need new politicians. We don’t need new programs.

We need a new story. We need a new vision of a way to live that acknowledges that we are all as one, not connected, because we have never been disconnected, but one in the flux and flow of life.

Science tell us that two photons, once entangled, are never unentangled and always change and move as one.. Science tells us the the electron is not a discrete particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom. Electrons exists everywhere in the Universe(s) as waves, until the process of observation pins them down into a single place. Science tells us that the universe(s) is not made up of separate particles, but is a web of influence among processes hat transcend time and space. It is only the human mind that separates things from things, by giving them names and identifying them in separate locations and processes.

The Universe(s) is immeasurable and undefined. It cannot be fixed because it is never broken.

The Universe(s) that can be measured is not the true Universe(s).

The Universe(s) that can be named is not the true Universe(s).

I/We/Gaia/Universa is the process of learning our place in the all that is, and living that reality in all ways.