Shades of Green: Driving Climate Change
Jessica Herrera

Yes, Jessica you’ve hit on the heart of the problem: choices.

We make choices every day about where we live, where we work, children, schools, shopping, consumption and transportation.

Government can’t do anything about our choices; they’re up to us.

We can’t lay the blame on anyone but ourselves, and we can’t depend on other external things, such as climate change, to provide the impetus for our choices. They’re up to us.

In today’s world, we have myriad opportunities to shape our lives in keeping with our ideals. We can choose where we work, where we live and how we get from one place to another. We can choose to buy things or not buy things. We can choose what we eat and how it is grown, year round.

We can become aware of the social and environmental effects of our choices and modify them to accord with what we hold most important.

Awareness is. Choice is.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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