My journey at Creative South 2018

Let me be honest for a second here. Some days, I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Like it is some kind of blessed miracle that I was ever able to get hired. I’m sure other creatives can attest to the feeling; we’re turning our wheels, trying to grind out something amazing, but it just seems like the work we do is never as good as that other designer we follow so intently on Twitter and Dribbble.

What’s quite spectacular, is how much one weekend in Columbus, Georgia can turn that feeling right around!

Creative South

Starting my journey to Creative South

Whew! It’s been a little over a year since I started here at Pandera Labs and it’s crazy to think about all the different projects and opportunities I’ve been a part of. It’s been awesome to work with such a tight-knit work fam. One thing I didn’t expect when I started at Labs, was that they’d be generous enough to support me as I take a long weekend to fly down to Columbus, Georgia for the Creative South conference!

Creative South is self-described as “a weekend of creative thinking, collaboration, and exploration.” I’ll be attending workshops, talks focused on process and experience, and making some new friends in the design community.

Next week I’ll be writing about everything I learned, created, and explored! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @PanderaLabs! 😎✌️✈️

The Layers Beneath the Visual

Hey. You. Yeah you. The one reading this blog post. You’re looking at a screen, right? Probably a computer, maybe a phone or tablet if you fancy. You’re also probably sitting in a nice chair. Lounging on the couch even. Maybe you’re squished between a couple of old ladies on the bus or train? Riding in your Uber’s Toyota Prius? You’re out in the world, doing your thang, but there’s something you might not be noticing. …

Your brain & the balance between information and graphics

When I look back on my life so far, and try to forestall my imminent quarter-life crisis, I find it interesting to pinpoint particular pieces of my past that made me who I am. I was always an uber-crafter, making things out of everything, building a haunted house in the garage with my dad, sidewalk chalking, scrapbooking, anything that would get my hands dirty.

I was also the second of three girls, so just ask me about middle-child syndrome and I’ll give you an earful. But that birth order, and consequently being the constant peace-keeper and intermediary of the family…

Designing a logo is usually a rollercoaster of an experience, especially when you’re designing for yourself or your own company. Last month I started my new job (yay!) at Pandera Systems, right in the midst of their rebranding transition to Pandera Labs. My first task at my new job was, of course, to design the new Pandera Labs logo and branding elements. Words cannot accurately express my immediate anxiety. Now don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to take on a challenge like this, but it was a challenge none the less. …

Mallory Haack

experience & visual designer /// designer @ Red Foundry in Chicago, IL /// instructor @ Designation /// previously Pandera Labs, Public Good, Ohio University

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