Iceland 2.0: Day Two

August 9th, 2018

We woke up quite late (11am), but shit we needed it after the day we had yesterday. Camille is a little sad about losing the morning, but I know we will still get to do all the stuff I had planned. We head out to Seljalandfoss waterfall and we cannot be more blessed with the weather. It has probably got to be the most beautiful day that ever existed in Iceland. The waterfalls are incredible. If you go to Seljalandfoss make sure you walk a little further down and go to Gljúfrabúi waterfall too — it is my favorite. You walk inside a cave to see it! The first time I went there wasn’t a sign but I think there is now so it should be easy to find. The cotton flowers in the field were also so “majestic” and we made sure to get some dreamy pictures!

After these waterfalls we stopped quickly by Skogafoss waterfall but did not stay too long. The tourists here were too much for either of us and we wanted more time at the black sand beach. We were able to capture a small rainbow which you will be sure to see if you go on a sunny day.

We next drive to the black sand beach which is an incredible route in the South. Once we got there we did not want to leave. We took pictures on the rocks and walked around. Then we just decided to lay in the sand and roll around for a few hours. At some point we started drawing circles in the sand and people even stopped and took pictures of us. It turned out really cool. I am sure it was destroyed shortly after by clueless tourists.

Oh, there is also a rock in the ocean that has a certain recognizable shape. So we did the mature thing. Because we are adults.

Penis rock

And then we went to church to pay for our sins.

That evening we needed to catch a ferry at 10pm to the Westman Islands. These are small islands off the coast of southern Iceland. It was Puffin season in the country and these islands are a prime spot for birding. As we waited for the ferry we had some more pictures on the beach by the marina where not a soul was found and we watched the sun starting to set over the ocean.

We sat on the top deck of the ferry drinking wine and looking out at the ocean. It was one of the best moments. A new place, a new adventure awaited us on this island that neither of us had been to. As we got close to the marina giant rocks and smaller islands rose out of the water. Caves where boats could tour were recognizable in the growing dark. All types of birds were flying by the rocks and it was like a scene from Jurassic Park. By the time we docked it was dark and we had to find our way to the guesthouse (Guesthouse Arny). When we arrived we were greeted by the extremely handsome son of the family who owned the guesthouse. He led us to our super cute room and let us know he would see us in the morning. We made some food in the shared kitchen and spoke with an American couple who were pretty much bird experts. Second day in Iceland and I’ve already felt like I’ve lived more than I have in a month back home.

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