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2018 has been a crazy and eventful year! From big tech stories—like massive privacy leaks—to the release of the catastrophic IPCC report and the #MeToo movement, a lot has been going on. To help you sort it out, our podcast reviewers at Piqd have put together a list of the top 5 podcasts worth listening to in different categories. Happy listening!

Top 5 Globalization and Politics Podcasts:

Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes

This podcast by MSNBC, which debuted in 2018, breaks down some of the top questions about the world today that keep producer Chris Hayes up at night. Primarily about US politics, he brings in experts to untangle today’s problems.

The Wilderness

This 15-part documentary podcast series by Crooked media, which also debuted in 2018, examines the history and future of the American Democratic party.

Today Explained

Vox introduced this daily news podcast earlier this year, which goes in depth into one of the most important global news stories of the day. Each episode is about 20 minutes long, and provides background and context on what’s going on in the world.

Kerning Culture

While this is not a new podcast, it’s a great place to go to listen to in-depth, narrative stories about the Middle East, produced by people native to the region. One of the producers’ goals is to make the stories culturally accessible to outsiders.

Sinica Podcast

This podcast series helps explain and give context to the rapidly changing cultural, political, and economic reality in China.

Top 5 Climate And Environment Podcasts of 2018

The Response

This three part series, produced earlier this year, explores the responses of communities around the world in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

The Biggest Story In The World

This 12-episode podcast series follows The Guardian’s transformation into a climate reporting behemoth, drawing on recordings from natural disasters, expert interviews, commentary and more.


This nine-part podcast series, which debuted this year, tells the fascinating story about how the oil industry managed to shift the narrative of man-made climate change from an undisputed fact, to a politically charged issue open to debate.

No Place Like Home

This podcast tries to get to the heart of climate change through personal stories. While it’s been around for a few years, it’s an excellent go-to for information about how climate change is affecting people, and strategies they are using to cope with our rapidly changing world.

Warm Regards

While not new, this podcast is an excellent primer on the climate science behind today’s warming climate, and what we can do about it.

Top 5 Investigative Journalism Podcasts of 2018

The 70 Million

This podcast, which debuted this year, takes on the criminal justice system in the United States, and chronicles the impact of local jails in communities across the country and what communities are doing about it.


Now in its third season, this investigative podcast — produced in Hawaii — investigates massive adoption fraud that took place in the Marshall Islands.


Sports and true crime fans may enjoy this series, which untangles the story of Rae Carruth, a former wide receiver of the Carolina Panthers who was sentenced to 18–24 years for conspiracy to kill his pregnant girlfriend, Cherika Adams.

Dr. Death

This series, which debuted this year, is an in-depth investigation into the gross medical malpractice of one Dallas-based neurosurgeon, Dr. Christopher Duntsch, and highlights the institutional problems in the American medical system that let him get away with it.

The Tip Off

While not new, this podcast series is invaluable to anyone interested in investigative reporting. Each highly engaging episode delves into how an investigative reporter got a story, from the initial idea, to the reporting and writing process.

Top 5 Tech Podcasts of 2018


Vice’s new tech podcast focuses on cyber and information security, in an era where more and more of us keep sensitive personal information on our phones, computers, and iClouds, and hackers are getting more sophisticated every day.

The Human Toll Of Instant Delivery

This New York Times audio feature looks at the human cost of consumers’ expectations about the speed of delivery, in the age of Amazon.

Darknet Diaries

While not new, this podcast series provides a well-reported look into aspects of the Internet people are often reluctant to talk about — including stories about hackers, defenders, malware, botnets and privacy breaches from the dark net.

In Real Life

Now in its third season, this podcast series — hosted by technology reporter Manoush Zomorodi — looks at how technology is transforming humanity, from elections to relationships.

Why’d You Push That Button

Also in its third season, this often lighthearted podcasts asks the hard weird, and often silly questions about how tiny tech decisions can impact your social life.

Top 5 Health And Sanity Podcasts From 2018


This documentary-style podcast, which debuted this year, is a feminist exploration into the mystery of women’s bodies — and how they are viewed and treated in society, and by healthcare providers.

Ladies, We Need To Talk

Another new feminist podcast in the age of #MeToo, this is a podcast produced by women, for women that takes on difficult topics like sexism among women, female sexuality (like if porn can be feminist, faking orgasms, and foreplay) and other issues that can be hard to bring up in casual conversation.


This podcast, which debuted last year, takes a hard look at what it takes for omen and girls to make choices and live with those choices in today’s society.

All In The Mind

While not new, this Australian podcasts continues to do a stellar job of explaining and exploring the brain, human behavior, and the connections between them.

On Drugs

This series, now in its second season, explores drug use through the lease of history, pop culture and personal experience. It’s a series that takes on new importance and relevance in the age of the opioid epidemic.

Top 5 Boom & Bust Podcasts Of 2018

Household Names

Business Insider launched this excellent series this year, which tells untold and often forgotten stories behind big-name brands like KFC, Jello, Trader Joes and more.

The Dream

This season of the podcast dives into the twisted and cult-like world of pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, and other businesses that require members to recruit friends and family in hopes of a commission.

Articles Of Interest

A new spinoff by popular podcast series 99% Invisible, this six-part podcast series looks in-depth at articles of clothing, to see what they can tell us about society, status and gender.


Now in its second season, this gutsy, gritty business podcasts looks at entrepreneurship, capitalism and media start ups through a woman’s perspective.

This Is Money

While not a new podcast, this UK-produced series does a great job of breaking down some of the more difficult questions about personal finance, money management and security in an interesting and engaging way.

Top 5 Global Finds Podcasts From 2018

This Is Love

A new podcast from Criminal’s Phoebe Judge, This Is Love explore the complexities of love and human relationships through charming, off-beat, and often riveting narratives and personal stories.


This new podcast series, which debuted in 2018, takes on the untold history of conversation therapy, the dangerous and controversial ex-gay treatment, in the United States.

Sold In America

This new podcast explores the cross-border crime of sex trafficking, and how easy it is for women to be sold in America.

Index On Censorship

This new podcast, produced by Index On Censorship Magazine takes on issues relating to freedom of expression from around the world, such as taboos, language restrictions, and freedom of the press.

Sound Matters

Now in its second season, this podcast listens to and unpacks the sounds of the world around us — from Paris to Tokyo, to unpack what these different auditory environments can tell us about our societies and us.